Dr. Madon is a professor of social psychology and faculty member in the psychology and law concentration at Iowa State University. Her research aims to advance understanding about the ways in which social influence processes alter people's judgments and behaviors in legal contexts. She is particularly interested in the judgment processes that influence people's evaluation of forensic evidence and the psychological processes that lead suspects to confess during custodial interrogations. Dr. Madon also continues to have interests in self-fulfilling prophecies and stereotypes, which constitute much of her early scholarship. Dr. Madon's research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Justice, American Psychological Foundation, and Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. She is a fellow of the American Psychology-Law Society, Society of Experimental Social Psychology, Association for Psychological Science, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and the American Psychological Association. She serves on the human factors and physics-firearms subcommittees for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 


Grand Canyon 2020