Welcome to the MadGuy Lab

​The MadGuy lab is run jointly by Dr. Madon and Dr. Guyll, and includes their current graduate students as well as 20 - 30 undergraduate students who assist with ongoing research studies. The lab's primary function is to investigate phenomena related to police interrogation and forensic science. Undergraduate research assistants work directly with research participants, thereby contributing to important scientific advances in the field of psychology and law. In exchange for their contributions, undergraduate research assistants receive course credit in Psych 291, Psych 491, or Psych 490, letters of recommendations for graduate school, and job references.

If you are interested in joining the MadGuy lab, please complete the following application and schedule, and email it to Jessica Muñoz. Contact us early because we fill quickly!

Application and Schedule: MadGuy Lab Application & Schedule


Science Hall I, Room 492

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